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will not work on any genAI/crypto/blockchain/NFT related projects under any circumstances, any art appearing as such has been used without permission.


heya! i'm céli, an afro-caribbean and dutch illustrator based in denmark! thank you for stopping by! ♡

✦ do you take commissions?
yes! i take personal commissions through my ko-fi! i post about it when i have slots open so keep an eye out. for bigger illustrative projects and commercial work, feel free to contact me through email! i don't read DMs.
i'm currently available for freelance and contract work and i'd love to work by your side!✦ can I use your art as icon/header/etc?
yes, as long as you credit me in your bio!
✦ can I reupload/edit your art?
no, unless you commissioned it or ask me directly for permission. you are not allowed to claim my art as your own or sell my art.
✦ can i cosplay your art? can I draw you fanart?
yes, i'd love to see it!!
✦ do you have a store?
you can find my stuff here:
redbubble (EU friendly shipping)
important: if you ever see my art outside the shops I endorse here (ex. aliexpress, etsy) its most likely stolen. always double-check before buying from these stores!✦ what tools/programs do you use?
• paint tool sai
• clip studio paint
• huion inspiroy q11k
• ipad 2019 + procreate
✦ what are your brush settings?
my line-art brush in SAI.
✦ where are you from?
i'm born in the Netherlands, my family is from Curaçao (second-generation immigrant) and i recently moved to Denmark
✦ how long have you been doing art?
i've been drawing since i saw cartoons like Winx Club, Totally Spies, and W.I.T.C.H. on Dutch TV. in middle school i wrote stories and made comics with classmates and from then on i was always drawing and interested in working in the creative field!